Kamis, 24 November 2016

National Soccer Players Who switched to Futsal

Jaya Kencana (JK) Angels team futsal is one daughter who often majored in professional competitions and non pro. E.g. wrote in December 2015, JK Angels successfully won several trophies in various cities, such as Futsal Tournament and Carslberg SFF Women End Years Cup.

but the greatest obsession is compulsory dkk Puspita Anggi earned a Pro Women's Futsal League (PWFL) 2016, the upcoming April. Retainer JK Angels Ade Fitriya any hope, at PWFL later, teammate could increasingly compact and solid.

"Hopefully on PWFL could achieve better results than in 2015.0" said Ade to Futsal Zone.

National Soccer Players Who switched to Futsal

on the Women's Futsal Super League (formerly) last year, the squad coach Andre Picessa must be satisfied as a runner up, after they subdued UPI Antam at party summits with the score 4-0. And on WFSL later, UPI will still be so heavy from JK rival Angels.

South Tangerang's own team will be at the Group's western area, along Netic Ladies (Cibinong), Wijaya Sentosa (Tangerang) and teams from the LFN 2015

There is a new trend in the world of football Indonesia. Some famous players tried their luck in the world futsal, even to pursue a career overseas.

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call it Titus Bonai. Recently, the former Real Madrid player was defending Myanmar futsal club of origin, Kanbawza FC.

previously, when football ground water being stagnant, Tibo futsal team had the origin of Papua, Black Steel.

Black Steel, its founders came together League U – 23 it has been following 2 Futsal Tournaments namely Gold Cup Futsal Indonesia (PEFI) and GATO National 2015.

In addition to Tibo, Rendi Irwan also began switching to futsal. Former player Persebaya 1927, became the team's new Star futsal player of Surabaya this year. In fact, Petite bodied players were ready to enliven the Futsal Super League on Feb.

not only does Rendi Surabaya, BT has also been recruiting ex Persegres i.e. Mulham Arifin. Performance Mulham on FSL fondling enough last season when he scored a hatrick when meets A Ball in series II.

National Soccer Players Who switched to Futsal

removals of football players to National futsal is believed to be because Indonesia futsal competition staged routine Professional or Non Pro. This, can fill the free time footballers in Indonesia Super League has been stopped.

Meanwhile, Indonesia's own Futsal League ready in the title in February.

Futsal team of the origin of Bali are still not ready to follow the tournament at national level. Because of financial factors, become reasons for them to progress towardshigher level.

One of them is tim d'Lounge. Caecum Provincial Futsal Association (AFP) Nasser f. Attamimy admit, as team d'Lounge jawara Futsal League Bali has not dared to plungein the national Futsal League (LFN) due to financial factors.

Not only that, some other Bali team ever yet dared to participate in the LFN. "In fact,we also offer to teams including Inter Meazza Barong in order to participate in the LFN. They also declined due to the financial conditions, "said Nasser as reported by the Bali Post, Sunday (3/1).

While Chairman of the AFP, Komang Mahendra Wistawan after rolling out of Congress and gatherings of Futsal 2016, d KONI Bali, says, it is being processed the grassroots level Championships. At this level, more organizers introduced the rules of the game to futsal players early.

"Understanding futsal is given from an early age, to be a player futsal age groups. Surely it must be balanced with the training of referees and coaches, "explained Komang.

Mahendra mentions, there is some agenda of futsal in 2016. Among them, such as the League of Futsal League U Archipelago, Bali – 23, U – 21 futsal team preparation, up to a POUND.