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Manchester City vs. Bournemouth, the series of victories Continues

A number of clubs continue to seduce James Rodriguez who is now his fate in RealMadrid is still full of question marks. The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, also includes one of them.

News of interest to Defeat James diembuskan by Spain, Don media balloon. CalledMOU has launched a bid to tempt the player in order to be docked to Old Trafford.

A similar media preaches that Mourinho promised to give regular playing time andan important role in the team had an attacking midfielder that 25-year-old agreed to join.

Regular playing time is something that is hard to come by James in Madrid today. Since the arrival of coach seats on Zane, she's like a child wasted.

In 2015-2016, or Zidane's debut season in Madrid, James had 32 appearances or 1,858 seconds to play.

Manchester City vs. Bournemouth, the series of victories Continues

As a comparison, the Colombia national team star get 3,524 minutes having starred on the season premiere of uniformed El Real (2014-2015). Seat trainer while it was still occupied by Carlo Ancelotti.

What about the record of the appearance of James in 2016-2017? James down 4 times out of 5 matches that have been made. Not once did he so starter.

The lack of flying hours in Madrid make James a revival a number of Europeanclubs. Chelsea had been associated with the former Monaco star was.

According to media reports, Marca, Spain Real Madrid ready melego James to a team willing to pay 75 million euros or around Rp 1.1 trillion.

Manchester City Defender, John Stones (22) had a desire to be a good captain of the national team or Club level alongside United Kingdom.

Man City to spend of 47.26 million pounds to bring Stones from Everton. on stock transfers this summer.

Recently some action Club baruya, he revealed his ambition to become a captain in the future, including replacing Vincent Kompany.

Manchester City vs. Bournemouth, the series of victories Continues

"I want to be Captain one day. All the players want to be the captain of each team.A privileged position became a captain for the club itself and the national team, "said Stones.

"Truly this is the dream of any player as a kid. You must have merit to be the captain and I will keep working hard to make it happen, "he said.

With the huge cost and a six-year contract to get the Stones, thus did not feel burdened with expensive player status.

Hardly a loophole created Bournemouth to become a thief at Etihad Stadium on Saturday (17/9) kala face host Manchester City. Practically the only wonders into expectations for the guest to make The Citizen was injured.

Authors: Earn Rinaldi/Graceful Pratama

Arguably Bournemouth did have to accept fate because stuck in uncomfortable conditions. The team hosts the young coach Eddie Howe met The Citizens at a time when central opponents on fire, aka are performing very well.

After last week's successful defeat of the great enemy, namely Manchester United in the Premier League scene, the City continued the series success on the altar of the UEFA Champions League by shaving the Club Borussia Mönchengladbach, Germanynganjuk, 4-0.

Sharp spear mainstay host, i.e.Sergio Aguero, indeed still absent because of suspension. However, looking at the performance of OK City when beating United withoutthe bomber, still worth Peps pede his team could win convincingly.

Manchester City vs. Bournemouth, the series of victories Continues

In a matter on paper, Bournemouth can be called is the opposite it is easy for The Citizens. In addition, the series victory over Bournemouth became important as the main target is the EPL performance.

Therefore, The Citizens will lose its best teams met a new three days though Bournemouth had previously played in the UEFA Champions League.

Alternative Silva

If indeed The Citizens lose core team, Bournemouth is gearing up to be a bulanbulanan. In fact, if the end is not reinforced the midfielder David Silva knocked the injurythough, The Citizens still have a much better quality.

Silva has always been a first choice Pick in midfield The Citizens. However. in a UEFA Champions League game yesterday quarterback such mangkir 31 years and replaced Ilkay Guendogan.

"I don't know if Silva can play against Bournemouth, but I hope he can come back against Swansea," said Guardiola.

Silva will position played a Guendogan Ilkay keep promising danger, let alone The Blue playing a home fixture. Although without Silva and Aguero, the frequency of attacks and gedoran The Citizens will not be reduced.

PEP still have Kevin De Bruyne. He was one of the players who shone cons United.Whoscored noted that Belgium is the man the second-most players are willing to take off the bait in the area one-third accurate attack team. A total of three akuratnyareaches 89 seeds.

The three-time short combined with movement without the ball steadily make De Bruyne is very difficult to create a controlled. "We are not as strong as other teams inthe EPL so we tried to dominate them with the way we played," said the midfielder.