Kamis, 29 Desember 2016

AC Milan Target This Season

Vice President, Javier Zanetti Inter Milan, confirmed that Sampdoria striker was being targeted, Eder Citadin Martins (29). However, the 42-year-old Argentina men refused to discuss the transfer of midfielder Seville, the game show Ever.

Since the beginning of the January transfer window opened, 2016 Eder crowded preached became the target. This step is reasonable because the performance of the Inter attack lines not who whet last season.

Until the 21st week of the Serie A, Inter became the team with the second most small productivity among the top 11 teams, on top of Sassuolo. Nerazzurri was only able to print the 26 goals that eight of them were donated by top scorer, Mauro Icardi.

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AC Milan Target This Season

When compared to Icardi, Eder has nicks. Currently tersubur players become secondEder in Serie A with 12 goals, while nicks left far from Naples, strikers Gonzalo Dismisses, with 21 goals. This keeps Inter interested.

"Negotiating the transfer of the Eder. Sporting Director Piero Ausilio has yet to inform me, but this time he was trying to complete the transfer, "said Zanetti to Sport Mediaset.

Although he openly talked about transfer Eder Zanetti, evasive when asked the question of the transfer of the game show. Most likely the transfer of players Argentina 27 year old it will be done at the beginning of the season 2016-2017.

"For the sake of respect for the players that we have, I can't talk about the game show in the January transfer window. Let's call him as the player who is interested in our sign at the start of next season and I know him well, "said Zanetti reserved his colleague origin Argentina.

"We still have to try resolve this season with good and new thinking about what we will do next. It is too early to talk about next season at this time, "he said.

Andrea Ranocchia has now officially become part of the team Sampdoria. 27-year-old defender was mouthing goodbyes to Inter Milan that has dibelanya over the last five years.

In the summer of 2015-2016, crashed out of the first team Ranocchia to Inter after bringing two tough central defender, namely Jeison Murillo and Joao Miranda.

AC Milan Target This Season

The existence of Miranda and Murillo have made the former Bari and Genoa were only appear once as the first choice of coach Roberto Mancini from Moratti who traveled to 21st week of the Serie A this season. In fact, the status of previous Ranocchia is team captain.

Although retired and rarely play, Ranocchia still respect Inter he was mouthing goodbyes to his former club Aston Villa it and hope it gets good luck along with Sampdoria.

"Life consists of moments good and not. For me, it's time again to play, have fun, and try to get back the old feeling, "wrote Ranocchia in her Facebook account.

"I say goodbye to Inter, everyone who's ever worked with me, supporters, and those who have to share everything in the last five years," he said again.

In addition to Inter, Ranocchia also talking about Sampdoria. He claims to be happy to get a chance to play a lot more that it's important for her sake have a place in the national team of Italy in the European Cup title 2016.

"I'm very happy to get this chance from Sampdoria. I really hope can help the team and get back in uniform. I want to do everything well to those who have given confidence to me, "call Ranocchia.

AC Milan's CHIEF EXECUTIVE, Barbara Berlusconi, is targeting his team to qualify for the Europa League next season.

AC Milan is currently ranked sixth with 33 points from 21 matches. They are linked to 14 digits from Naples who is ranked first.

In order to qualify for the Europa League, AC Milan must finish ranked 5th or 6th. They are also linked to a distance of 8 and 2 points from Inter Milan and AS Roma who are on top of it.

AC Milan Target This Season

"We have to be honest to the fans. Our target is to qualify for the Europa League, "said Barbara Berlusconi at a News Conference ahead of the game like Derbi Milan, Thursday (29/1/2016).

"I think we can meet that target. Next year, we are targeting the Champions Leaguesemi-finalists in accordance with habitat this team, "he said again.

Considering the target, the match against Inter Milan will be important for Milan to trim distance points. However, Barbara hope no tension happens outside the game.

"We are asking supporters to remain peaceful. I hope everything progresses well and the players showed his ability, "said the daughter of Silvio Berlusconi that.

In fact, AC Milan also got up to qualify for the Europa League via the Coppa Italy. This time, they've stepped up to the semifinals and grabbed a 1-0 victory in the first game against Alessandria.