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AC Milan Officials Support Napoli Won The Champions League Title

After the final of the Coppa Italy, La Gazzetta dello Sport wrote that fans of Juventusgot the weapon to make Morata survive in Juventus.

It is the weapon of the new lover Morata, Alice Campello, an original model of Venice, Italy.

After scoring against Milan in the final of the Coppa, Morata do celebrate with her fingers forming letter a.

Media-media Italy write goals that's dedicated to the beloved.

In the media-social media, munculah message-a message of hope from the tifosi toCampello. For example, "only you can convince himself survive".

Coach Allegri also gave signals that he wants the 23 year old striker survived in Juventus.

"Farewell Morata Goals? It is a goal that will be sustainable. He is a young player who needs to live a few more years at Juventus, "said Allegri on Rai Uno.

We look forward to how the story of Morata for stock transfers June-August.

Morata brought Juventus in the summer of 2014 with a value of 20 million euros and Real Madrid have the chance to buy it back in the future.

AC Milan Officials Support Napoli Won The Champions League Title

Last December, he is extending his contract at The Old Lady for one year be to June2020.

AC Milan President, Silvio Berlusconi, praised coach Maurizio Sarri Naples. He hopescan deliver Sarri Napoli became the champion of the Champions League next season.

Berlusconi revealed his side had a chance to consider recruiting Maurizio Sarri, current coach of Napoli. Summer free transfer status Sarri 2015 after leaving Empoli.

Meanwhile, Milan also is searching for a new coach after firing Filippo Inzaghi. However, when that Milan decided to recruit Sinisa Mihajlovic. Sarri pun was appointed as coach of Napoli.

In the hands of Sarri, Napoli can get the season better than Milan. Their second place finish in the Serie A standings and ensured it will play in the Champions League next season. Meanwhile, Milan's only able to finish in seventh position.

"I have to commend Naples, they played very well. I also want to commend Sarri. It is true that last year he was one of the coaches that we consider to deal with Milan,"Berlusconi said as reported by Julie News.

Berlusconi also gave recommendations to make Naples could further maximize the chances to win the Champions League title next season.

AC Milan Officials Support Napoli Won The Champions League Title

He suggested Napoli to renovate the stadium San Paolo and hope it allows. The condition of the San Paolo who still present a track athletics where Berlusconi made thefans away from the field.

"The other thing that I was hoping for with all our hearts is the Napoli could have won the Champions League," he said.

Naples has some appearances in European club competition. Their best achievement was to win the UEFA Cup-UEFA Europa League-season 1988-1989 as a strengthened Diego Maradona.

Cristian Brocchi failed to bring the trophy to the Coppa Italy. Previously he also failed to get Milan to the UEFA Europa League after only ranked seven Serie A standings, 2015-2016. His position as coach of Milan became uncertain.

Author: Riemantono

Amid the uncertainty, he expressed a desire against conditions in Milan.

One day after Milan lost to Juventus 0-1 in the final of the Coppa Italy on 21 may, Brocchi got the trophy Tapire d'Oro (Golden Tapir) in the comedy show Striscia la Notizia titled satire on the television station Canal 5 Mediaset.

Tapire d'Oro "award" is given to the special selebritas or politician who has just suffered a defeat.

When receiving the trophy Tapire d'Oro, Brocchi was asked by appreciator, namelyactor Valerio Staffelli, a junior team about Milan. A question of satire.

Understandably, before being appointed as a substitute Sinisa Mihajlovic for directing a major team to Milan on 12 April, Brocchi Primavera team (U-19).

AC Milan Officials Support Napoli Won The Champions League Title

It's been no secret when the main team coach Milan often intervened on tactics byClub boss, Silvio Berlusconi. It is rarely experienced by Milan's Primavera team.

For that reason, Stafelli ask questions about Milan's junior team in which the administrators of the Club not to intervene on technical affairs or electoral tactics.

Brocchi replied diplomatically.

"Each has a very specific task, such as Milan have been doing our best for the Club,while the technical side or tactics is belong to me," said 40-year old coach was quoted as saying Milannews.

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Brocchi didn't give signals are for one month more to train the first team of Milan, himself had intervened by Berlusconi in technical affairs. From the answers, it can be said that the coveted Brocchi was Plenipotentiary in technical affairs.

Lost to Emery

Although Brocchi failed to provide trophies Coppa Italy, Berlusconi was not disappointed on the former AC Milan midfielder. In fact, the President praised the work of Brocchi in the final Match against Juventus.