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The Juventus fans are hoping Alvaro Morata Action in Turin was not over yet

Competition in the Serie B far more colorful than in Serie a. it's not just the Club Champion was certainly different each season, their promotion of any variety.

Author: Graceful Pratama

However, there is a red line that appears between the teams. Since 2010, there is a team that has long not feeling Serie A or even the first time was in the top division.

The trend was preceded by Cesena at the 2009-10 season. Cesena returned to Serie A after the last appearances in 1987. Cesena accompany Lecce (champion) and Brescia.

A season later, Novara is also the same with Cesena. Novara promotion after going through the play-off round. Before the promotion, the last time mentas Novara in Serie A occurred in 1956!

The story of the Pescara promoted to Serie A at the end of the 2011-12 is also similar. Their latest Serie A game closer, 1991-92.

The Juventus fans are hoping Alvaro Morata Action in Turin was not over yet

Nicks wonderful created by Sassuolo (2012-13), Carpi, Frosinone (2014-15) and the latest, Crotone. The team's fourth promotion for the first time in Serie A!

Crotone finished in the top two in the bottom of the Championship, Cagliarionly season in Serie b. Crotone Story is probably similar to that of Leicester City who managed to win the EPL despite not having human resources and big money.

The role of the coach, Ivan Juric was very great in the team. He built the antarpersonal relation in the team is very close.

The togetherness that he join with quality engineering owned by each player so that could make a solid group.

"I'm very confident with the results from hard work. The most important is you have to have a clear idea of how your team is going to play and the players know what to do. Balance being the key. When you exaggerate an aspect in the team, such as team spirit, there is a risk You would neglect other things, "said Juric Rompipallone.it was quoted as saying.

Crotone which has the nickname Il Pitagorici (The Phytagoras) clearly exceeded expectations given the early in the season the team's target is to survive in Serie b. annual Budget team just 3 million euro (45.7 billion Rupiahs)!

Serie B 2015-16 live leaving only one ticket promotion. In addition to Cagliari, as champions, and Crotone, another ticket is still contested six teams in the play-off round.

Moratazo happen again! No matter the Juventus supporters happy. However, they are now worried.

The Juventus fans are hoping Alvaro Morata Action in Turin was not over yet

Author: Riemantono Harsojo

Tifosi or supporters of Juventus anxious Alvaro Morata will leave the Club.

Understandably, the Serie A competition has ended.

Usually when the turn of the season the players unexpectedly changed clubs, including Morata, later attributed to his old Club in Spain, Real Madrid, and a few clubs in the United Kingdom.

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Supporters of Juventus is very fond of Morata.

The greater pleasure after attackers high origin of Spain that scored a 1-0 victory I Bianconeri over Milan in the final of the Coppa Italy on 21 May.

Interestingly, a goal that was created only two minutes after the striker entered the field at Stadio Olimpico, Rome108 minutes, replacing midfielder Hernanes.

The term Moratazo went back to appear.

It means more or less a very mean Morata goals.

The world-known term once Morata scored for Juventus to play clubs that built it, Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Madrid, on the first leg of the ChampionsLeague semifinals 2 2014/15.

Because of that goal, Madrid was eliminated and Juventus advanced to the final round.

Now Moratazo carrying Juventus earned his 11th in the Coppa Italy.

Fan Moratazo hope it's not the last created Juventus. They do not want to leave the Club Morata.

The Juventus fans are hoping Alvaro Morata Action in Turin was not over yet

Tifosi reasonable worry. In addition to the emergence of the issue of stock transfer,what experienced Morata in 2015/16 can be a motivator to make the attackers to leave Juventus.

The most desirable any player anywhere is to play as much as possible. In the 2015/16, Morata not many got the chance to play since the first minute.

A signal that he is not the choice made coach Massimiliano Allegri. So, there's a reason right to go?

Morata indeed played 33 times in Serie A 2015/16. That number is more than strikerMario Mandzukic, other (26 appearances) and just like Paulo Dybala (33).

However, see the number of the attackers as members of a third appearance in the list of 11 players the Juventus first. Morata only 16 times, while 23 times and Mandzukic Dybala 28 times.

On the season 2014/15, Morata is also not the first choice in Serie a. He just 11 times to become a starter and 18 times being a substitute.

Compare with Carlos Tevez who played 29 times since the first minute or FernandoLlorente who 25 times to become a starter.

Different stories going on in the Champions League. Morata, Allegri is the premier choice.

In the summer of 2015/16 he played six times since starting, more from MandzukicDybala (4) and (5).

In 2014/15 Champions League, Morata became the starter nine times, while Winning 13 times and Llorente four times.

However, the Champions League only played about two or three weeks.