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Ac Milan Just Want To Borrow This Real Madrid Midfielder

Roberto Mancini (51 years) denied speculation that associated it with Paris Saint-Germain. Inter Milan coach is calling the rumours just a hoax or false news.

Recently circulated the news that mention Mancini as a potential replacement for the coach of PSG, Laurent Blanc. The suspension of participation of Zlatan Ibrahimovicdkk in the quarter finals of the Champions League made Blanc touted have experienced failure.

The magnitude of the demands in the PSG make position Blanc currently threatened. Though, he won the Ligue 1 title this season.

"Blanc won the League and also other things. I think this is just a hoax, "said Mancini.

Mancini also discusses performance up and down Inter Milan this season. They hadbeen at the top of the Serie A standings, while half of the first season.

However, they are not the end of the season ahead of just out of competition titles.The club called I Nerazzurri even certainly does not pass to the stage of next season's Champions League because only occupies fourth position of the standings.

However, Mancini refused to assuming his current position in the standings illustrate the quality of Inter.

"Inter is actually one of the big four right now. We had a chance to finish higher butfailed. To be higher we have to work hard, "said Mancini.

"We want to finish as best as possible because we are Inter. Then in the end will do the assessment. If a team leads the standings so long, surely that means something,"he said.

Ac Milan Just Want To Borrow This Real Madrid Midfielder

AC Milan target Real Madrid's midfielder, Mateo Kovacic, on stock transfers this summer. However, the Rossoneri only wanted to borrow the Inter Milan player, who's 22nd birthday on Friday (6/5/2016).

CEO at the same time transfer the teacher Milan, Adriano Galliani, was in Madrid on Wednesday (4/5). Apparently he's not merely watched Real Madrid beat Manchester City 1-0 at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in the second leg of the semifinals of the Champions League, but there are other destinations.

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According to Corriere dello Sport, the visit would also be a chance to discuss the possibility of Ronaldo transfer Croatia international Austria-born Player was with the President of Real Madrid, Juventus.

But Milan only want to use the service as a loan player Kovacic, not buy them permanently. It seems that Perez would not mind removing the young players, so the dealwill soon occur.

Based on statistics Squawka, in this season of Kovacic played 24 matches from an already made 36 Real Madrid in La Liga. Even so, he almost always comes off the bench. No wonder if Perez was willing to "send" Kovacic to Milan.

If there are two coaches who are on two opposite poles, they are the (Antonio) Conte and (Massimiliano) Allegri. " Such comments are sliding from the mouth of Giovanni Galeone, in his interview with Radio 24.

Author: Sapto Haryo Rajasa

The name may sound familiar in Galeone ears most of the public. In fact, in the football scene in general though.

However, in the Italian Serie A, Galeone is respected enough figure. More because a row of clubs ever ditukanginya like Udinese, AnconaPescara, Perugia, and Naples.

Pandit Country Spaghetti even put Galeone parallel with Arrigo Sacchi. Not becausesheen of achievement as written ex coach of AC Milan, but due to the innovative coach label pinned on his chest.

Understandably, Galoene dare to appear with the offensive 4-3-3, which in the Decade of the 1970s until the 1990s was practically taboo to put into practice the Serie Aclubs.

Ac Milan Just Want To Borrow This Real Madrid Midfielder

He is also considered one of the initiator zonal marking in mainland Italy. Thus, what is the relationship with Allegri Galeone?

We must retreat two decades more to find their proximity. Yes, Allegri was the disciple of Syed Galeone during play in Pescara, Perugiaand Naples, at the beginning ofthe 1990s to the beginning of the turn of the third millennium.

By building on the immediacy of that long, it is natural when Galeone dare melakonicomparisons between straightforwardly Allegri and Conte.

"Must never talk about morale, but talking about the three options or tactics. In short, if Sepatu Futsal Specs Conte is talking about fighting power, Allegri is talking about football, "he saidagain.

As a former coach, may have felt Galeone bonds so to defend the public while Allegri recalled that the champions Juventus later this is pure fruit from the foundation laid by Conte.

"In fact, Conte was visible in Italy, but not in Europe," said Galeone.

It feels unjust pulled off the figure of Conte. It must be admitted that the intervention of Conte which allow Juventus grabbed the Serie trigelar consecutively.

Conte success presents the original value determination: Juventus, fighting power, desiretypical factors in the body of Juventus.

However, from the perspective of strategy, it's hard to equate Conte with a synthetic pitch.