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Milan Delay Firing Of Inzaghi

After winning first Napoli who play as the home team at the stadium San Paolo, Monday (9/3) early morning EDT, should be satisfied with 2-draw against Internazionale. Napoli scored two goals and Gonzalo Marek Hamsik Dismisses, while two goals in Inter's written reply to Rodrigo Palacio and Mauro Icardi.

The match got lasted a lot throughout the first half. Although both teams get a chance to score, but the score remained goalless pause to 0-0.

The game became much more open so Marek Hamsik break the deadlock on 51 minutes after maximize bait Henrique. Inter showed any reaction to scoring replies.

However, on 63 minutes Napoli scored again and the advantage to 2-0 through a goal Gonzalo Dismisses. Inter's efforts recently resulted in 72 minutes after RodgrigoPalacio scored a reply.

Three minutes before the game ended violations committed against Henrique Palacio in the forbidden box berakbat fatal. Not only he had to leave the field because you received a second yellow card, but the referee gave a penalty also to Inter.

Milan Delay Firing Of Inzaghi

Mauro Icardi who ran as the executioner successfully completes its work. Match ended drew 2-2.

2-draw earned AC Milan top of Hellas Verona in the 26th week seems to have the more memperkeruh the future of coach Filippo Inzaghi. Even President Silvio Berlusconi reportedly will give a decision on Monday (9/3) local time.

On Sunday night (8/3) CEO Adriano Galliani return is rumored to have done the meeting at the home of Berlusconi in Arcore to again discuss the future of Inzaghi. However, Sky Sport Italy and Sport Mediaset said that the meeting was postponed until Monday.

Berlusconi seems to want to think carefully about the situation of the current Milanbefore making the decision to Inzaghi. In addition, he also will certainly think about who deserves to be a replacement for Super Pippo.

If Inzaghi fired and Berlusconi could not get a replacement from the outside, most likely assistant coach Mauro Tassotti will be trusted to control squads. However, there is also the possibility to back lifting the coach of a team of Primavera, Cristian Brocchi, to be promoted, even though it only lasts until the end of the season 2014/15.

The fate of Filippo Inzaghi as Milan coach is said to have been on the brink of dismissal. However, the decision was a matter of being fired or not Inzaghi can not be ascertained after President Silvio Berlusconi postponed a meeting to discuss the future of the Rossoneri legend I it.

Milan Delay Firing Of Inzaghi

Initially, Silvio Berlusconi is known to schedule a meeting with CHIEF EXECUTIVE Adriano Galliano in the residence of the President of that Sunday (8/3) local time. However, as Sky Sport Italy and Sport Mediaset, the meeting was postponed.

Berlusconi seemed to want to be more careful thinking about the situation in Milanbefore taking a decision the question of Inzaghi. When Inzaghi fired properly, thenhis assistants, Mauro Tassotti, believed would replace him.

Beside that, it also develops news that mention team coach Primavera, Cristian Brocchi, also allows to be promoted. However, they were most likely just be temporary coach until the end of this season.

The fate of Inzaghi was at the tip of the Horn is increasingly becoming after Milan drew 2-on hold Hellas Verona, Sunday (8/3).

Defender Chievo Verona, Federico Mattiello, who got the window from Radja Nainggolan, reportedly got injured badly. The Juventus-owned players will immediately undergo surgery the night after seeing the conditions cederanya.

Mattiello who should be out of the game the face of Rome in the 19th minute, reportedly suffered a fractured tibia and fibula bone in his left foot. This has been ascertained after conducting an examination using x-rays to players aged 19 years.

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The operating steps quickly to Mattiello also has been the decision of the medical team Chievo and Juventus. Both will also supervise the operations of taking part are scheduled to be performed at 20:30 GMT.

The good news is there is no damage to the knee ligaments Mattiello, so it would just be absent for five to seven months. It is revealed by his agent, Andrea Partorello.

"It looks pretty quiet. It is very clear this was a terrible injury and will interfere with a very important step forward in his career. More than anything, he's very disappointed that this season has come to an end sooner, "said Pastorello told Sky Sport Italy.