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Milan Failed To Win, Pippo Inzaghi Apologize

As Roma participated in the hunt for James Milner (29). I Giallorossi is rumored to have already handed the contract lasts three years for belonging to the Manchester City midfielder.

According to the United Kingdom news sites, The Star, Rome is willing to pay Milner of one hundred thousand pounds (1.9 billion dollars) a week after tax.
Total, Rome is ready to provide 15.6 million pounds (309.9 billion dollars) plus paid signing a contract worth 2.5 million pounds (49.2 billion dollars) to the football player who billed alongside Manchester City will end on next summer it.
But rumours in Italy thus mention, Roma will not give you high salaries to Milner. Understandably, the Club were still in an investigation into the cases of violation of the Financial Fair Play. (wta)

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Milan Failed To Win, Pippo Inzaghi Apologize

News of the sacking of Filippo Inzaghi back flourished. It happened after AC Milan failed to win and play only drew 2-cons Hellas Verona, Sunday (8/2) early morningGMT.

AC Milan returned to grab the minor results in advanced Italian Serie a. Although not less, but in fact the Rossoneri arrested drew 2-2 by Hellas Verona. These results make the future coach Filippo Inzaghi back into speculation.

In fact, Sport Mediaset alerts you that the Club's President, Silvio Berlusconi has already lost patience with the performance of Inzaghi. The names of the substitute Inzaghi reportedly already prepared by the management of the Club.

Reportedly, assistant coach Mauro Tassoti leading task for Inzaghi to the end of the season. In addition, the name of team coach Primavera Cristian Brocchi also digadang-gadang was able to survive.

Milan in 24 hours forward claimed will announce the sacking of Inzaghi. However, another report said that the match against Fiorentina as a determinant of the future coach of the year 41.

As Roma has already created a buzz team was aiming for. Wolf team is now touted recruit teenagers ready 17 year old, Conor Borg.

Milan Failed To Win, Pippo Inzaghi Apologize

His name sounds familiar doesn't it? Reasonable just because Borg was just the players country of origin-the middle of nowhere, Malta. The attacker may 13 1997 birthhole is rated as one of the best assets of the country in the Mediterranean Sea it's mini.

Borg reportedly is being approached Sporting Director Walter Sabatini Rome. He could professionally contracted after entering the age of even 18 years. Create a Borg,the atmosphere of Italy for himself no stranger ever studied at the Academy of the Club Chievo.

The meeting Lazio cons Fiorentina in the Stadio Olimpico, Monday (9/3), had a special significance. Special conditions primarily apply to guest Club, Mohamed AIL incorrectly.

Fiorentina are skittish because of the presence of rekrutan, one of the newer, which continued to explode. Offensive player of origin Egypt was not stopping the enemygoal came in the last four appearances. He scored a goal against Torino (1-1), Tottenham (2-0), Inter (1-0), and Juventus (2-1).

Milan Failed To Win, Pippo Inzaghi Apologize

Special for wrong, this duel was reportedly also designate monitored directly by theobserver from the ramparts. The Blues is the Wrong employer Club lent it to Fiorentina. Italy's media is convinced the presence of Chelsea's spies also to observe the performance of the Lazio player, Philip Anderson and Antonio Candreva.

AC Milan failed to maximize the game enclosure at the San Siro to pluck a victory. On Saturday (7/3), Milan was forced to draw 2-2 by Hellas Verona and failed to rise to the top.

Draw con Hellas Verona is similar to Milan's achievement in the 25th week. At that time, the Rossoneri failed to score a goal at home to Chievo Verona.

As a coach, Filippo Inzaghi was feeling very responsible for this draw. Pippo assessing his team can win, but they were less fortunate.

"I apologize because it cannot bring victory. I became the person most responsible for this outcome. I've been fighting hard to improve the appearance of Milan, "said Inzaghi.

This condition also makes the Defender Philippe Mexes sorry. Central Defender origin France it felt disappointed that his team conceded at times when the match would end.

"In the final minutes, it was always hurt. We could do at the moment is the focus ofthe face of Fiorentina and continue to reap the extra points until the end of the season, "said Mexes.