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Thohir: don't ask When Inter to Indonesia!

The President of Inter Milan, Erick Thohir, yet want to discuss further when Inter willpay a visit to Indonesia. Currently the Homeland businessman just wish La Beneamata may continue to be at the top of the Serie A standings.

"I would like to see continuing Inter atop the standings, so don't ask me anything about when Inter will arrive in Indonesia," He said in Italy on Monday Football page(30/11/2015).

"In August, after playing in China, Inter should have come to Indonesia. However, Manchester City arrived and I had to cancel the event, "connect the President responded to the cancellation of the pre-season matches La Beneamata in Indonesia.

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Thohir: don't ask When Inter to Indonesia!

He is currently the focus of the action results await troop Roberto Mancini a rollingcounter of Naples on Tuesday (1/12/2015) early morning EDT, considering both clubs were competing seriously for the scudetto.

"I am waiting for the crucial match against Napoli, which is only linked to two pointsof us," He said.

Christian Abbiati seemed not to hurt seeing her position as AC Milan goalkeeper was taken 16 year old player, Gianluigi Donnarumma. Even goalie gaek aged 38 years it mentions Donnarumma as goalkeeper.

The previous position of Abbiati as Milan goalkeeper has been shifted by Diego Lopez in the last two years. Now that position was usurped by Donnarumma back in sixof the last match of the Rossoneri.

However, the decision was not disappointed with Abbiati coach Sinisa Mihajlovic chose Donnarumma. First, the junior could still become a better goalkeeper in the future that will be very useful for Milan and Italy's national team.

"You have seen the qualities that she had," said Christian Abbiati when asked aboutDonnarumma at a press conference ahead of the match Coppa Italy facing CrotoneItaly Football quoted from.

"He's also still have a very big margin to be able to improve themselves, he's a mature young man, and has an incredible talent. He's just thinking about work and do it the best way he could, "said Christian Abbiati.

Thohir: don't ask When Inter to Indonesia!

"There is only a bit player who has the quality of himself at the age of 16 years. Godhas given her the gift and seem to say that he must be a goalkeeper, "sebutnya.

In addition to discussing the question of Donnarumma, Abbiati also discusses his future. Although its position now as the third option in the Milan Squad, Abbiati admitted to not issue and still struggling in practice sessions for the back is believed to have appeared.

"My future? All is fine. I also never miss a practice session. It doesn't matter if Abbiati or Donnarumma appear because anyone who play very deserving of it. It is something that is most important, "said Christian Abbiati.

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AC Milan, Club President Silvio Berlusconi, invisible in the stadium Giuseppe Meazzawhen his club beat Sampdoria defeated by a score of 4-1 (29/11/2015). What the hell?

Is it true that Berlusconi was reluctant to come to the stadium because of his relationship with coach Sinisa Mihajlovic, Milan, increasingly deteriorate? A rumor circulated stating that Berlusconi was disappointed with the performance of a Mihajlovic was unable to make consistent appearances throughout the season Milan 2015-16.

But such issues directly contradicted Mihajlovic. He admitted his relationship with the Prince of the Club fine.

"I talked to him yesterday and he praised us. She could not come to the game because the middle is located in Venice, "explained Mihajlovic as reported by Italy Football site.

"On the other hand, Berlusconi and I have always communicated. We may not always have the same views, but each has its own responsibility. Me as a coach, make decisions and be responsible for the policies that I take either right or wrong, "said architect team of the Serbian nation.

In particular, Mihajlovic also praised his men. He considered the Milan performancehas been more consistent.

"We see the right attitude shown the players in many action movies, not just when we face Sampdoria or Lazio only. I personally don't just judge based on the results of the end of the course. Sometimes I can feel happier when we lost with a nicer appearance than the opponent, "said Mihajlovic.

Up to the 14th week of the Serie A by 2015-16, Milan have collected 23 points. Theyrecorded seven wins, two draws, results and five defeats.