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Juventus Seek position of the big three in the second half of the season

Massimiliano Allegri says November so a positive month for Juventus. The certaintythat after La Vecchia Signora managed to pluck the 3-0 victory over Palermo at the stadium Renzo Barbera, Sunday (29/11/2015) or Monday early morning GMT.

Clean sweep picking all the Juventus victory in Serie A during November over Empoli, AC Milan, and Palermo. Positive results were also obtained when picking the victory in the match tough cons Manchester City in the middle of the Champions Leaguethis week.

"It was a good performance in terms of intensity. Especially come quickly after passing through tough matches against Manchester City, "said Allegri.

"November is very well made. We fix a number of important points in the Serie A standings, "said he.

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Juventus Seek position of the big three in the second half of the season

For the second time consecutively Must pick Mario Mandzukic as a starter and reserve Alvaro Morata. Allegri gives the explanation of the related decisions.

"Morata is a first choice. He just needs to improve his condition at this time, "he said.

"Mandzukic had already won the Champions League, he played for Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid. He may not be the player with the best technique, but it has characteristics which are useful for the team, "he said.

An additional three points from Palermo to make Juventus currently occupies the fifth position while the Serie A standings with 24 points on the packaging. They just coincidentally three points from AS Roma who are in the fourth.

The position of Inter Milan at the top of the standings would be safe, at least untilMonday (30/11/2015) night.

Game of the weekend of the 14th Serie A still has two games on a night later. Sassuolo will entertain Fiorentina on at 01:00 PM EST, and Napoli vs. Inter Milan, two hours later.

Duel Napoli vs Inter Milan will be the spotlight of major Serie A matches this season. Both teams are currently top of the table in the meantime. Inter Milan with 30 points, dibuntuti Napoli by 2 numbers.

Juventus Seek position of the big three in the second half of the season

As Roma who try to approach the Inter Milan failed due to yield 0-2 from Atalanta, Sunday (29/11/2015). This result leaves them lagging 3 numbers from Inter Milan and is stuck in the top of the 4th.

Juventus back could prove the consistency of picking a positive result while stealinga victory over Palermo, Sunday (29/11/2015) or Monday early morning GMT, at the stadium Renzo Barbera. After the victory of Simone Zaza reveal targets of his team to get in third position at the half this season.

Juventus for the first time could reap the fourth consecutive victory this season. Thearmy acquired nicks Massimiliano Allegri plucked a 3-0 victory at the headquarters of Palermo.

Three goals in the victory each donated Mario Mandzukic, Sturaro Stefano, Simoneand Zaza.

"Our Target is to make the position of creeping up in the standings. We determine the target could be in the order of the top three in January. We want to continue to reap the victory, "said Zaza.

Zaza only appeared as a substitute in the match Dybala Paulo. However, he was able to prove the sharpness as a striker scoring a late pemasti the victory of Juventus.However, he was not overly celebrate.

"I prefer to be able to play and scoring more. However, I certainly should not be complaining cannot perform as a starter at this time. I enjoy the moment now and stared into the next match, "he said.

A victory over Palermo Juventus deliver when it occupies the fifth position while theSerie A standings with 24 points on the packaging. Meanwhile, Palermo down to order 16 or just superior to two points from Bologna who are in the relegation zone.

Juventus Seek position of the big three in the second half of the season

Juventus picking 3-0 convincing victory over Palermo's Renzo Barbera Stadium on Sunday (29/11/2015) or Monday early morning GMT. It was the fourth consecutive victory La Vecchia Signora in Serie A this season.

Juventus had experienced trouble getting consistency in pluck victory from the beginning of the season. However, in the last match of the three forces, Massimiliano Allegri looked back to find everything that is needed to win the match.

Juventus a 3-0 victory over Palermo not come by easily. The Old Lady it took 54 minutes to create the first goal. The home team can also provide resistance means in throughout the game.

The first goal Juventus goal through Mario Mandzukic scored utilizing feedback is released Paulo Dybala corner pass.

The Serie A defending champion could double the advantage to 2-0 when the match was just one minute of normal time remaining. GOL was written with Sturaro Stefano kick left foot to maximize the feedback given Paul Pogba.

Simone Zaza who appeared as a substitute Dybala out as the pemasti victory of Juventus in this party. Larutnya goal at minute 90 ' + 3 ensure an extra three points while the fourth consecutive victories first for his team this season.