Jumat, 20 Januari 2017

I'd prefer Pereyra of Pogba

The Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte, couldn't help his team ended the Premier League 2016-2017 with a mid-table finish in the standings as it did on last season.

The Blues sit 10th in the standings at the end of competition in 2015-2016. Their record is 12 WINS, 14 rounds, and 12 defeats.

Whereas, while it bears the status of defending champion Chelsea. The composition of the players at their disposal was not much different from the squad for 2014-2015.

Now, under his control, Conte was not willing to repeat such a dark moment of Chelsea.

"It is important to understand that every game is hard and we cannot forget the last season," said Conte reported by ESPN.

"Last season was a bad moment. I don't want to repeat it, "said the former Juventustactics that interpreter.

I'd prefer Pereyra of Pogba

Chelsea currently occupy 3rd ladder in the Premier League table with a record of 3WINS and one defeat in four matches.

The defeat was gained when a magical entertain Liverpool at Stamford Bridge, Wednesday (16/9/1999). Conte's team succumbed 1-2.

Two goals from Liverpool's victory scored by Dejan Lovren in the 17th minute and Jordan Henderson (36 '). Chelsea only able to reply through Diego Costa (61 ').

The defeat was the first for Chelsea since shot Conte. For Cote, this was his first defeat in a match the enclosure since January 2013.

"It's not important to my first defeat. For me, it was our first defeat, Chelsea"said Conte.

Watford Manager, Walter Mazzarri, comparing children asuhnya, Roberto Pereyra, with the Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba.

Both players are equally decided to leave the transfer from Juventus in the summer2016. The price of being a gap between them.

Pereyra is only appreciated 13 million euros (around Rp 190 billion) by Watford. As for the status of the most expensive players have carried the Pogba world after redeemed Man United with a value of 105 million euros (around Rp 1.5 trillion).

I'd prefer Pereyra of Pogba

Only, the effect was felt more in Watford Pereyra. He contributed one goal each andassists in a single party. As for Pogba was still the zero contribution in four matches.

Therefore, Mazzarri stated, "if it had to choose, I prefer Pereyra."

"Pereyra was the great players. He was able to roam the field and have the neededquality to my team, "said Mazzarri.

It does not mean "downplaying" Mazzarri Pogba. French midfielder was thought just yet to adapt to the culture of the Premier League.

Other barriers, the public gives a great pressure over the status of the world's most expensive player Pogba.

"Maybe, this is due to the slow adaptation. Everything was new for Pogba. However,he is a figure champion and could change the results with instant, "said Mazzarri.

Mazzarri utterance at once became the Spice ahead of the duel between Watford and Manchester United in the Premier League continued at the stadium Vincarage Road, Sunday (18/9/2016).

David Moyes once for directing Manchester United in medio July 1, 2013-22 April 2014. Such a short span of time shows not the development strategy of Moyes in Old Trafford.

I'd prefer Pereyra of Pogba

From 51 matches menukangi Red Devils, Moyes offered 27 victories, 15 results series, and nine swallows defeat. The greatness of him while coaching Everton rated lostnot a trace.

Now, an interesting fact about Moyes uncovered thanks to the outpouring of heartscentral defender Nemanja Vidic constantly United, legendary.

During his nine season career at the Theatre of Dreams, Must've won 15 prestigioustrophies, including the UEFA Champions League 2007-2008. However, the ability he was considered qualified enough yet Moyes.

The interpreter Must ask any tactics learned from doorstop Everton, Phil Jagielka, who in fact is a former fruit Moyes. Must not own, because Rio Ferdinand also askedMoyes to do the same.

After scrutinizing video footage of Jagielka, Ferdinand laughed and told me to Pickby saying, "I don't understand what the intention of he asks us to do so."

Pick, which at that time also served as captain, agreed with Ferdinand.

"Every player is not always liked what the managers told them. It's normal and it also happened with Sir Alex Ferguson, "says must improve to FourFourTwo, Friday (16/9/1999).

Ferdinand and Vidic constantly found Jagielka has the quality underneath them. Moreover, Jagielka charge ever strengthen Everton and Sheffield United, and have never won the title together with the Club.

However, it Must acknowledge the failure of the Moyes also became the responsibility of him.

"David as Manager and I as the captain does not do the job well. After the departure of Fergie, we hope to get better and prove to people we could, but we failed, "said Pick.

Pick finally retired on January 29, 1999 at the age of 34 years, while Ferdinand hanging shoes on May 30, 2015 (36 years).