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Act i: Liverpool left behind Two goals from West Ham

Liverpool are temporarily lagging behind 0-2 against West Ham United in the fourthweek of the Premier League. Compete in the Anfield Stadium, The Reds thus kecolongan passing touchdowns Manuel Lanzini and Mark Noble.

Action digear Saturday (29/8/2015) night EST, starting with a direct threat to the home team to the opponent. But the quiet game ala James Tomkins was able to dampen the attack and give the ball on a keeper Darren Randolph via three of her chest.

Sought to steal a goal early in the match, Liverpool conceded even when the matchwas only three minutes. Martin Skrtel who tried to stop the bait ball thus making Sequin Dimitri falls to the foot of Aaron Cresswell.

The Defender then passes the ball in Manuel Lanzini and successfully converted intogoals. Score 1-0 for the superiority of West Ham.

Act i: Liverpool left behind Two goals from West Ham

Arsenal humiliated in public himself, Philippe Coutinho and Roberto Firmino successively made efforts in the seventh and ninth minutes. However, Spurn Coutinho soarabove the goalposts. While hard kick Firmino from outside of the penalty box just hit the post.

Seemed to dominate the game in the pertangahan first round, Liverpool must instead return kecolongan for the second time in the 29th minute. Lanzini who capturedthe ball from Dejan Lovren, instantly giving cross. Mark Noble who receive ball kicked the ball into the bottom corner of the opponent.

Simon Mignolet goal keeping Liverpool could not Spurn menjagkau Noble. Advantage to 2-0 to West Ham.

Although Liverpool dominated the match with 71 percent possession, there are no any goals created for stronghold Brendan Rodgers to the first 45 minutes ended. The first half belonged to The Hammers.

Chelsea still have to wait longer to action 100-celebrating their Manager Jose Mourinho with the victory, kala entertain Crystal Palace, Saturday (29/8/2015). Until the first half ended, the score was still 0-plastered on the scoreboard.

Both lower the formation of 4-2-3-1, both teams alternating behind the attacking defense. Despite its status as the guest team, Crystal Palace is not shy launched an attack from the left wing.

Act i: Liverpool left behind Two goals from West Ham

The Eagles grabbed the corner twice in quick succession, but all feedback is directed into the penalty area successfully cleared away awkwardly. The Blues try to reciprocate the pressure Crystal Palace! An experiment of Hazard successfully blocked Souare. Shortly thereafter, the hard shot from Ivanovic still soared.

Actually in the 12th minute, the hosts had a good chance via Cesc Fabregas. Ditendangnya the ball from outside the penalty box. Ah! but the movement of the right leads to the round leather hug Alex McCarthy.

Palace back to make heartbeat supporters The Blues back in the 29th minute. Zahadancing on the sidelines and it's screwing up awkwardly that strangely hypnotized.

The hose a few moments later, the former Manchester United it raised penggawa balls into the middle of a penalty. There already is Yohan Cabaye free-standing. The France men kicking a ball. Whether the outcome goals? Ah! Reflected Courtois could still steer the direction of the ball.

Slowly but surely, Chelsea rebuilt their concentration. Proven six-minute lobbed down their offensive schemes start running effectively. From the left side, Cesar Azpilicueta releasing crossing and it seems a goal will come?

Alamak! Foot Diego Costa who welcomed his colleagues bait just a split second too late, Stamford Bridge forces was only able to bite the fingers.

Act i: Liverpool left behind Two goals from West Ham

In 41 minutes, Chelsea get not one or two but three consecutively for breaking intothe goalpost at Crystal Palace but the result is nil. First, Spurn Costa managed by McCarthy.

Second, the Cesc forward ball gag in the face of the goal but it was blocked by Dann. Third, Pedro was about to resume the ball rebound yet Spurn the winger is not perfect after exposed legs Delaney.

Until the first half ended 0-0, the number is still plastered on the scoreboard.

Manchester City play the repressing against Watford in the fourth weekend of Premier League action. Although it dominated the course of action, the City was unable to score a goal and the score 0-draw last up to the first round is over.

Entertain Watford at Etihad Stadium, Saturday (29/8/2015) night WIT, The "Citizens 'initiative takes direct attack since the first-half whistle sound. Based on statistics which recorded ESPN, Man City had 65 percent of the possession as against 35 percentbelongs to the team.