Minggu, 12 Februari 2017

Four New Ammunition MU statistics in Three Early Premier League Action

Three initial appearances players birth Legnano is clearly showed positive trends. Kuartetnya in the back line alongside Chris Smalling, Daley Blind and Luke Shaw played very impressive, including making the goal Sergio Romero remain Virgin.

Even in a match against Tottenham Hotspur, Prime players who use this numbering36 was named Man of The Match. Play tactical when helping assault and disciplineddefence be raising overage kala Darmian.

Him not too often do overlap, the forward helped the attack when it is true is true. Proven success rate or Darmian was 86%, with details of 103 or 120 times the success of the experiment.

Peformanya in stopping the opponent's attacks more ciamik again. He made 10 successful tekel, 5 interception and 13 strokes, and once did a block shot with 6 defensive action rataan in every game.


Four New Ammunition MU statistics in Three Early Premier League Action

Morgan Scheneiderlin
Weighing a load of Michael Carrick in the midfield, where the Manchester United midfielder United Kingdom that serves as a catalyst connecting line of the back and the front row.

The task of Carrick not only drain the ball but also seized the ball and became the first opposing offensive wall before getting into the heart of the defense.

Partner of the previous quarterback no one play by the hope, from Anderson, TomCleverley, until Darren Fletcher who often deal with issues of fitness, plus the age ofCarrick increased twilight make Van Gaal reacted continue to hunt for the pair of matching the quarterback himself in midfield.

A midfielder with tekel and interception in the Premier League in the last three seasons, Morgan Schneiderlin be Louis Van Gaal reacted as a companion to the Carrick running Dynamo game Manchester United.

Alsace-born Player is capable of quickly nyetel with his new partner, both when paired with Michael Carrick or Bastian Schweinsteiger. Scheneiderlin mengehentikan attack duty opponents before getting too far into the area of Defense.

Four New Ammunition MU statistics in Three Early Premier League Action

Four defensive action done rataan Schneiderlin in every game. Until the third weekof the League itself has already done 10 times cut the ball, and thrice did a sweep, and do a total 23 tekel.

Her success also won an aerial duel as much as two times out of three experiments,or in other words 67% success duel air. Not only that, Scheniderlin also plays a major role in the flow of the ball that became key scheme of the dominance of possession a la Van Gaal reacted.

He also even records 90% accuracy or, with details of the three successful 176 196 experiment. Even the total amount of time committed by far exceeds the number ofSchneiderlin generated by Carrick, where quarterback United Kingdom this only generates 110 time in three matches.


Bastian Schweinsteiger
The arrival of Germany's national team captain to Old Trafford, seen as a short termsuksesor Michael Carrick. Basti, so these players familiar accosted, actually can be played simultaneously with the United Kingdom as a midfielder.

Moreover, the experience of the players that helped Germany to grab the world titlelast year, this has become a plus for your squads berkomposisikan mix of young players and senior players.

Of the three early Premier League match, Basti new only once played as a core. This is very reasonable. Not only because of the new players are recovering from injuries,but also because of the changes the very extremes of the climate game.

For Schweinsteiger nearly two decades playing in the Bundesliga. With the Premier League's famous climate quickly and give priority to the physical toughness makes it has to adjust.

Even so, the lover of tennis player Ana Ivanovic still showed his class as one of the world's best midfielders. Of a total of 120 minutes that already lives in Basti records 84% accuracy or, with details only 84 short three successful and 8 time much success from a total of 112 times experiment.

Himself also notes 5 interception and five strokes in three early Premier League match, with additional notes three defensive action and 1.3 tekel success in every game.

The difference in style of play of the Bundesliga and Premier League this too does that make her receive a yellow card in a match on debut when dealing with Tottenham Hotspurs and up to now have done 6 times.