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Rodgers To Hastily Lower Sturridge Cons West Ham

The owner of West Ham United, David Sullivan revealed quite shocking facts associated coach of Real Madrid, Rafael Benitez. The West Ham section, almost getting the services of Benitez before Madrid Spain origin men hijacked it.

Sullivan claimed Benitez had been very close to signing a contract with The Hammers of post leave Naples end of 2014-2015. Any contract signing schedule is set up. But three hours before it took place, Benitez decided to accept on Los Blancos.

"Rafa Benitez within three hours will be signing for us. Each clause in his contract has been agreed and then he went to Real Madrid, "said Sullivan was quoted as sayingfrom the Mirror.

"It was a disastrous blow because he is a manager who really experienced in the United Kingdom and also in Italy," explains Sullivan.

Rodgers To Hastily Lower Sturridge Cons West Ham

The failure of West Ham get the services of The management ranks making BenitezHammers move quickly. Any option falls to Slevan Bilic who is now able to bring West Ham perched on the 11th ranking standings while the Premier League with a collection of three points the result of one victory and two loses.

Chelsea will meets Crystal Palace in the fourth week of the Premier League season for 2015-2016. The action is important for The Blues Manager Jose Mourinho. In addition to fixing the bad results The Blues early in the season, this game will also be the 100 for the Mou at Stamford Bridge.

London Blue team arrested drew 2-at home to Swansea City in the opening match of this season. After the digilas Manchester City three goals without reply at Etihad Stadium and win thin at home to West Bromwich, The Blues will return to play its home game by facing Palace, Saturday (29/8/2015).

The Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet, appealed to his colleagues to return to appear stylish moment entertain West Ham United at Anfield Stadium, Saturday(29/8/2015). Mignolet also vied for the record clean sheet in four matches.

Liverpool along with Manchester United and Manchester City into three teams who have not conceded in three early season Premier League action 2015-2016. Solidnya line behind The Reds stuffed Dejan Lovren, Martin Skrtel, Joe Gomez, and Nathaniel Clyne is the reason the goal The Reds still a Virgin until now.

Rodgers To Hastily Lower Sturridge Cons West Ham

This is the underlying Mignolet to rekindle the spirit of his associates, especially inmidfield and the back to back repeat appearance ciamik them, as in the previous three games.

"Let's hope we can do it. There are 90 minutes to play and it's not going to be easywhen the game against West Ham, they have always been a tough opponent, "saidMignolet was quoted as saying official Liverpool.

"We have to make sure if we could keep the performance, just like what we've donethroughout this season and I am sure you can," he added.

In addition to the back line, ranks mewanti-wanti Mignolet also stressed the front-line to be scored. Counter The Hammers victory because it could make the position of Liverpool at the top is secure.

"We are very pleased with what is already present. We won our first two games andthen be able to make a clean sheet at the Emirates and also grabbed a point. There's still one match before the gap international, i.e. at home against West Ham. If we can win then we can say that we have had a good beginning in this season, "Mignolet ended.

Liverpool is currently ranked at three while the Premier League standings with sevenvalues the results of three matches. They left behind two points from Manchester City that sits at the top of the standings.

The Liverpool Manager, Brendan Rodgers seems to not want to directly play the MADCAP Daniel Sturridge on the weekends later. This is because the condition is considered 100 percent yet Sturridge recovered after was hit by injury.

Rodgers To Hastily Lower Sturridge Cons West Ham

Sturridge has to be absent for four months due to a hip injury he obtained when The Reds champions Manchester United 1-2 on March 22, 2015. In order to restore cederanya, Sturridge had to perform the operation in New York in may 2015.

Now, Sturridge preached official Liverpool has recovered from injury. It's a proven 25 year old attacker when it follows a practice session with the team principal at Melwood, Liverpool.

However, Rodgers to rush when Sturridge led Liverpool lose against West Ham United at Anfield Stadium, Saturday (29/8/2015).

"There is no time limit for Daniel Sturridge. Obviously he's been working hard to recover in the United States. He certainly has returned and now live how himself worked hard to be able to get something to make it level again. There is no time limit for him to catch it all, "says the Rodgers as quoted official Liverpool.