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This Is Evidence Arsenal Very Need A New Striker

ASA Arsenal dominate the Premier League this season would seem to meet the steep road. The attacker's shortage of players who can score a goal into a serious obstacle for the North London team to lock up the title at the end of the season.

Not long ago Simon Gleave, Chief Analyst at Infostradalive, the statistical data alerts you describe how Arsenal need new striker. Based on its analysis, The Gunners did indeed lead the way in terms of making a shot to the opponent.

However, is this an achievement? Maybe Yes, but maybe not. So far, the squads Arsene Wenger had 58 shots during the 2015-2016, the largest among 18 Premier League clubs. However, the percentage of goal conversions Londoners is the smallest,of 2%.

In addition, some time ago Metro declared The Gunners midfielder Mesut Ozil,, as one of the Premier League tersubur in creating opportunities. However, only a handful of his that were successfully converted into a goal by teammate.

This Is Evidence Arsenal Very Need A New Striker

These statistics show since joining Arsenal in 2013, Ozil has created goal opportunities in 150 Premier League United Kingdom. But his teammate was only able to convert 14 opportunities of which became goals.

The Gunners have only Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott kala Danny Welbeck is stillstruggling with cederanya. At the same time, the effort of chasing Arsenal striker Karim Benzema, Real Madrid, has been wiped out. The striker declared will survive in Spain through the account Twitternya.

Then how the fate of the front-line North London Team this season? These conditions would seem to encourage more vigorous Wenger again hunting EdinsonCavani's signature and Aleksandr Kokorin, considering the stock transfer will be closed in the next week.

Joe Gomez is probably the most shocking signing for Liverpool this season. However, although the Club brought in from gurem, Gomez indicated himself could just bethe best defender in the Premier League this season.

The Opta statistics reported by an by Metro shows that this 18-year Defender excelled in four factors assessment of a player. And this seems to join in showing how good the quality is.

So far it's Gomez, who operate on the Liverpool left back, win more tekel and make more intersep than a top Premier League Defender more.

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This Is Evidence Arsenal Very Need A New Striker

The owner of the number 12 is back even outperformed Cesar Azpilicueta from Chelsea and Aleksandar Kolarov from Manchester City.

The Reds bring Joe Gomez from Charlton Athletic to spend amounted 3.5 million pound sterling or equivalent Rp 73.9 billion. With this minimalist Fund, will have the best defender in Liverpool United Kingdom League this season?

Then need to wait until the end of the season, Gomez performance; will heat up to the League he kah conscripted or wither on the way?

Everton Defender, John Stones rumored Sky Sports besought Club are willing to sellhim. It is not detached from Chelsea high desire that wants to recruit her.

A few weeks later, the Stones indeed always be associated with Chelsea. In fact, the offer of 20 million pounds, the 26 million pound sterling, to the final offer of 30 million pounds from Chelsea to get the signature Stones rejected Everton.

This Is Evidence Arsenal Very Need A New Striker

However, the United Kingdom national team Defender finally took the initiative himself by asking to management The Toffees so willing to sell it. The steps taken Stones allegedly to end the deadlock that is too drawn-out transfer saga.

Responding to that, Everton's Manager, Roberto Martinez are reluctant to comment on the desire of the player 21 years. "No one should comment on about that," saidMartinez was quoted as saying from Sky Sports.

"Once again, it's like the same question and I answered with the same. Most importantly now there is a game in front of us. Transfer problems should not be discussed.I realize it's your job to ask the same question and unfortunately my job in this casealways gives the same answer as well, "said Martinez.

Martinez certainly does not want to lose such a valuable asset. Because, in the last two seasons, the Stones have always been the first choice for a Duet alongside Martinez Phil Jagielka Everton back line in securing.