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Reserved Technology, Ramsey was hoping Football to learn from Rugby

Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey asked the football learning from rugby-related use of technology that can help the performance of the referee.

In the face of Liverpool at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday (25/8/2015) early morning EDT, in the third weekend of Premier League action, Ramsey managed to score a goal in the 8th minute. Andy was cleared by goalkeeper Simon Mignolet, The Reds.

Unfortunately, these goals were annulled due to referee assessing penggawa national team Wales are in the position of the offside when receiving feedback from SantiCazorla. Whereas, from reruns look if onside position is in Ramsey.

"I thought I was in a safe position but obviously I also looking in the direction of the referee. As it happens, I see if the flag had already been planted, "said Ramsey toldBBC Sport.

Reserved Technology, Ramsey was hoping Football to learn from Rugby

"The replay showed I was in the position of the onside. GOL was supposed to keep going but it appears judges line took that as a goal. "

According to Ramsey, football must at least attempt to apply what was done by rugby. In a sport full body contact was rarely there is a controversy, because applying the goal line technology that helps the performance of the referee.

"To see a video display for 20 seconds will change the outcome of a game. I think it is time we took the example of rugby. You all can see it and the referee took the decision it easily. "

"Arsenal is constantly working to score a goal but that's not the case. Some moments in the match, Liverpool launched a counteroffensive and you need your players play like yesterday (for the sake of maintaining a score), "Ramsey memungkasi.

The failure of Arsenal scored it was the fifth time in its last six games at home.

Arsenal seems to be starting to give up chasing the signature of Karim Benzema. Because Benzema still at home were at Real Madrid and tied to a contract until June 2019.

In recent weeks, The Gunners are indeed heavily hunted Benzema. In fact, the Fund's £ 50 million or equivalent to Rp 1.1 trillion has prepared management Arsenal could make up for the sake of the national team that France penggawa from Madrid.

London proposes Gun squads wishes Karim Benzema could not be separated from less impresifnya front-line performance. Moreover, Theo Walcott and Danny Welbeck was often hit by injuries. If both the player's absence, Arsenal striker Olivier Giroudand leaving only Alexis Sanchez.

However, the plan he brought Arsenal attacker 27 years into the Emirates Stadium difficult realized. Benzema has not plans to lift away from the Santiago Bernabeu and continue his career in another Club.

Reserved Technology, Ramsey was hoping Football to learn from Rugby

"For all the clowns who want to trick fansku. This is where my house! Benzema, "wrote #HalaMadridYNadaMas on her Twitter account @Benzema.

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, else indicate if his team is tough gain Karim Benzema. The reason, Real Madrid also did not want to take off one of the attackers of the flagship.

"When players are still tied to a contract, the Club would like to contract the playersdecide. Real Madrid has repeatedly said that, "said Wenger as reported by Soccerway.

"It also happens to us who want to retain the players who are still bound to a contract with us," he continued.

Front-line Arsenal so far still not memperlihatka his impressive performance. Of thethree games that already lived in the Premier League this season, has one goal, which was scored by striker Olivier Giroud, i.e.when a 2-1 win over Crystal Palace.

In fact, at present entertain Liverpool at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday (25/8/2015) early morning EDT, the ranks of the attackers The Gunners appeared sluggish. As a result, Arsenal had to settle for 0-draw.

The number of players who graze on the United Kingdom Spain responded with pride by Jesus Navas, who has a two-year defending Premier League Giants Manchester City.

A series of original Country Star name Matador indeed wira-wiri in Premier League.No responsibility-responsibility, some of them even defended the top-tier clubs in the competition ever to be crowned the best in the world.

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Reserved Technology, Ramsey was hoping Football to learn from Rugby

Call it Diego Costa for Chelsea, David Silva and Navas for Manchester City, David deGea and Juan Mata for Manchester United, Santi Cazorla for Arsenal, and Roberto Soldado to Tottenham Hotspur.

"The number of players in the United Kingdom Spain was normal. Clubs Spain is European champion and champion players we have in many of the big leagues such asSpain, Germany, and the United Kingdom, "said Navas, as quoted from Football Espana, Monday (27/8/2015).

Role player Spain is indeed difficult to ignore. Navas can be used as an example. Hecontributed important helped Manchester City victory wiped out three of the first match of the Premier League.

Diego Costa and Silva also became the top scorer for his club each on last season. Costa along The Blues chalked up 20 goals and Silva shared City had 12 goals.