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Mourinho: Everyone Was Disappointed Chelsea Win

Chelsea get its first victory in the Premier League season United Kingdom 2015-2016 after bend West Bromwich Albion with a score of 3-2. Coach Jose Mourinho, The Blues call a victory his team is thus disappointing many parties. Why?

Chelsea needs three matches for his first victory in the Premier League season United Kingdom 2015-2016 after previously being held drew 2-2 by Swansea City and pick three goals without reply by Manchester City.

On a trip to West Bromwich Albion, The Hawthorns Stadium, Sunday (23/8/2015) night EST, The Blues win against Eintracht Frankfurt by a score of 3-2.

The new upgrade players recruited from Barcelona, Pedro Rodriguez, appeared as Chelsea's victory on the inspirator. Spain-born Player scored one goal, and it becamekreator The Blues second goal scored by Diego Costa.

Mourinho: Everyone Was Disappointed Chelsea Win

One goal, Chelsea more present through the actions of Cesar Azpilicueta. The two goals scored by WBA reply bomber James Morrison.

"Everyone was disappointed with the current victory that we can. Audiences actuallywant Chelsea continue to swallow the defeat. This victory really is not dramatic, "stated Mourinho as reported by the BBC.

"Of course, four points from three matches is not enough. The maximum points this is a positive first step. We have a lot of enemies and we are very happy with the victory today, "Mourinho added.

This inaugural victory ushers in Chelsea to the ninth position while the standings with four points. WBA inhabit a protruding position with one number.

Competed at Goodison Park Sunday (23/8/2015), Manchester City hosts Everton struggle ended with the score 2-0. Goals from Aleksandar Kolarov and Samir Nasri in the second half brought The Citizens while topping the Premier League standings.

In the first half, Manchester Blue indeed barmain outdoor creates a lot of threats against Everton. However, The Toffees host no less militant and aggressive game teamable to keep up. Until finally the score 0-0 at the moment down.

Mourinho: Everyone Was Disappointed Chelsea Win

The second half was recently walking a minute, the City directly threaten goalkeeperTim Howard. Sterling who was able to impose the ball as close as possible to the penalty box to send feedback on David Silva. However, the effort failed after Silva Spurn kencangnya just mashing the goalposts to the right.

After that, the City appeared more aggressive in the second half. In the remote-piercing Sterling 48 Everton by passing Seamus Coleman although failed to print the numbers. Toure yaya opener got the ball in the empty space, it's a shame he was caught offside.

The pressure kids orphanage Manuel Pellegrini is finally bearing fruit in the 60th minute. Sterling who became kreator attacks give feedback on Kolarov. Then with the ingenious full-back kick to the corner flat slowly away. City winning 1-0.

Kubu host not without opportunities. In minute 66 and 70, Barkley and Barry took turns giving a threat to Hart. Alas, both are still not met the target due to poor finishing.

Busy trying to equalize, The Toffees thus returned kecolongan. Samir Nasri who replaced Sterling success advantage City in 88 minutes. Got feedback from Toure, Nasricalmly lifted the ball to get past Howard.

Goal Nasri became the ultimate goal in the game. Up to four minutes of extra time,the match ended with a 2-0 victory for Manchester City. This result puts Manchester City at the top of the standings while.

Unique incident happened when Arsenal entertain Liverpool at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday (25/8/2015) early morning GMT. How does? The Arsenal goalkeeper,Petr Cech asked Simon Mignolet why not give one any goals to his club.

Mourinho: Everyone Was Disappointed Chelsea Win

Arsenal being held goalless draw by Liverpool on the third weekend Premier League2015-2016. In the second match of the Club was able to create some dangerous opportunities. Arsenal recorded a success made 19 with five kick that led to the goal, while Liverpool won 15 shots with eight leading up to the goal.

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But thanks to the persistence of the two respective clubs goalkeeper, both Cech norMignolet, there is not one goal was lodged to the second squad. Cech made eight rescue, followed by Mignolet with five rescue.

After the match, the two goalkeepers could not forget the praise related ciamik appearance during the 90-minute match to take place.

"Cech asked me why not let any goals in, and I would also say the same to him. Twoclean sheet at once. I think we've done our best, "said Mignolet as quoted from theofficial Liverpool.

Further, do not forget to also give Mignolet praise to his club that has played well throughout the game. "When we play away to the Emirates, you understand that this will be a tough game.