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Rodgers was disappointed Liverpool fail to win at Arsenal and Headquarters

Former Arsenal striker Nwankwo Kanu, believes that Arsene Wenger's team has the ability to win the Premier League title this season.

Nigerian man that won two league titles with The Gunners in 1999 and 2004. But since Kanu to leave in the summer of 2004, the Club capital of the United Kingdom had not ever again win the Premier League.

When asked if this season Arsenal could champion, 39-year-old man was sure about theodds champion Petr Cech et al. "Yes, of course. But this target has to do with confidence in the hearts of the players. When I play for Arsenal, then we have a great leader, a captain, "he said told BBC Sport.

"Every player is the captain. They have to have the players stand up and encourage others to keep on vibrant. Arsenal is a big club, without a trophy that will bring disappointments. If they are moving in the right direction then they will win the Premier League. Why not? "

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Rodgers was disappointed Liverpool fail to win at Arsenal and Headquarters

Within two weeks of the League of United Kingdom, The Gunners collecting three points. Opening weekend Prime Arsenal thus yield 0-2 from West Ham United. While in the next week, succeeding dibekuk Crystal Palace 2-1.

In his last match, Arsenal had to settle for being held goalless at Emirates Stadium, Liverpool on Tuesday (25/8/2015) early morning GMT. With this result, the hosts team Arsene Wenger was stranded in position while the Premier League standings to nine with a value of four.

The Liverpool Manager, Brendan Rodgers, disappointed children because asuhnya failed to reap the full numbers when on a trip to the headquarters of the Arsenal, at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday (25/8/2015) early morning GMT.

The Reds had to settle only a 0-draw over 90 minutes. In this game, goalkeeper Petr Cech, Arsenal appear brilliant. Some times it's Czech goalkeeper saved a goal TheGunners from conceded, one of which was a whole Christian Benteke at minute 39

"I think we performed pretty well. In the first half, Petr Cech is the best player. While in the second half, the team always spreading threat with forward. The players worked really hard, that's why I consider our exceptional. "

"In General, we are indeed keeping the goal was not conceded against a great team. However, I am still disappointed because it failed to win. Both goalkeepers often do a great rescue. We see how far this team is growing. That is why I think Liverpool do not have to buy any more players, "said Rodgers told Sky Sports.

Rodgers was disappointed Liverpool fail to win at Arsenal and Headquarters

The results of this draw makes The Reds now ranked three standings while the Premier League with a value of seven. While The Gunners
inhabiting nine positions with collecting four points.

In the next week, Liverpool will entertain West Ham United at Anfield Stadium. While Arsenal, pay a visit to the headquarters of Newcastle United at St James ' Park.

Goalkeeper Petr Cech, Arsenal, admitted his team could bring a satisfied withhold draw Liverpool in the third weekend of Premier League action. Even so, Cech was stillin disbelief if both teams are only able to grab a number.

Meets Liverpool at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday (25/8/2015) early morningEDT, Arsenal dominance since the first round of the whistle is blown. Based on statistics which recorded Whoscored, The Gunners had 66 percent ball possession as against 34 percent belongs to Liverpool.

However, The Reds have had more opportunities to score. Brendan Rodgers's squad for the eight Spurn right on target from 15 chances. While Arsenal only had five shots on target than the 19 times the odds are obtained.

Lucky, Arsenal have a goalkeeper like Petr Cech. 33 players this year successfully tackle a number of Nice chances earned Liverpool, ranging from action, Christian Benteke (39 '), Roberto Firmino (40 '), James Milner (71 '), as well as Philippe Coutinho (81'). Until the whistle goes long, equally strong score 0-0.

For Cech, his performance in a match Liverpool counter is the best in this season. For the last two games, he has already conceded three times including two goals when Arsenal tumbles at the hands of West Ham United.

"When you start their first game together with new clubs and everything goes bad, then you have to practice hard and bounced back," said Cech as reported by the BBC.

"This is one game where I was in the right place and time. Hard to believe, after all the opportunities gained at this game ended with the score 0-draw, "he said.

One further this figure puts Arsenal in nine ranking standings while Premier Leaguewith collecting four numbers. While Liverpool are in the top three with a value of seven.